Debt Collection Service

3 Third Party Collection Technologies that Boost Productivity

In the new normal world, when it has become imperative for businesses to strengthen their finances, the importance of third party collection agencies has increased. Agencies like Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC have become the most competent associates for businesses…

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business collection agency

4 Ways You Can Future Proof Your Business Finances

The pandemic was a really hard blow to the global economy and we are still dealing with the damages it has done. At the same time, we believe that this crisis was a learning curve for most businesses. While the…

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debt collection service

3 Debt Collection Lessons a Business Can Learn from the Pandemic

For businesses, maintaining the cash flow in the company is the biggest priority. And that is why before the pandemic, every time you were facing a situation with debts, connecting with us, Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz LLC, one of the…

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credit collection services

3 Things Creditors Are Forbidden To Do To Get Their Money Back

When you are running a business, keeping a tab of all clients’ payments can be difficult. You probably are taking care of so many immediate concerns of yours and that is why you have missed the fact that some or…

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Collection Negotiation can Be Stress Free

How Collection Negotiation can Be Stress Free?

Collection negotiation can be never easy. When you are getting the money back from your debtor who is reluctant to pay and who doesn’t keep up with the contract, what can you do? Searching for collection agencies near me might…

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