Accounts Receivable

Credit-to-Cash Cycle should be understood thoroughly in order to attain effective management of the accounts receivable.

Billing Management

We help in managing your billing process. Our approach is highly effective; we understand how important it is to send invoices that are professional, accurate and are mailed in a timely manner. We also act as a customer service center and will respond to all phone calls, letters and emails.

Customer Acquisition

The major stride; here is to settle on the reward or the risk involved, when it comes to extending the terms of credit or while granting the right level. You can now determine the payment history of a customer, by simply purchasing a credit report.

Delinquency Management

When it comes to accounts receivable management; the most time-consuming part is managing the delinquent accounts (an account that is past due).


Once the account is deemed noncollectable businesses pass the account to third party debt collection agencies in order to recover the amount. We have the collectors in-house to recover the debt.