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Business Debt Collection Agency in Houston Texas

» Do you need to collect outstanding accounts receivable?

» Want to collect what is owed to you without losing your valuable customer?

» Work with one of the leading commercial agencies in the United States.

» Be in full compliance when collecting past due accounts.

» Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz is the right debt collecting agency for you!


Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz has established itself as one of the top agencies in the United States. We specialize in debt recovery services of both domestic and international debts. Our teams at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC, ( has years of experience and expertise handling debt recovery for commercial businesses.


How Do We Go About With Our Debt Recovery Services?


We have collection specialists who are experienced in debt recovery services with working in different industry segments. This helps shorten the time required to recover debt for our clients. We comply with the federal, state and international conventions of business debt collection service that help in recovery without having to file lawsuits. We combine years of experience with a methodical approach, state of the art technology and cutting-edge software which helps to maximize recovery for our clients.


Debt Collecting Agency with a Difference


We stand ahead of other debt recovery agencies. Our goal has always been to build long-term business relationships with our clients. We provide continuous support for debt recovery services which will allow you and your staff to focus on core business operations. We employ fast-track approach ensuring improvement in the recovery percentages and reduction in the requirement for debt recovery litigation with our service.


Trustworthy Debt Collection Services


Our team at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC will greatly benefit your business by getting outstanding debts from your old clients. The team has experienced members with the right resource and approach to making your clients pay you back. Our track record makes us different from other commercial debt collection agencies.

For Smoother Business Debt Collection

From tracking down the unwilling debtor across the state or country to getting the payment faster, we specialize in the job so that we can offer you smoother business debt recovery within a given timeline. Maintaining time for debt is also necessary to keep the cash flow continuing in a company. We understand that and operate accordingly.

Debt Collection Service with Complete Documentation

From the time of initiating the payment to the time of settlement and last contact, we document everything for you. In case the debtor doesn’t pay, you have to move to the court for filing litigation to get your money back. And our service with complete documentation of each process will help you in that.


We analyze the payment trends and then come up with a solution that few collection agencies can match. Go ahead and opt for our services and see the results for yourself.

Trusted Debt Collecting Agency in Houston TX

Houston is a thriving city with a lot of potential for new and established businesses. And that is why it is paramount to keep the cash flow regular in these organizations. We are a trusted commercial collection agency in Houston TX, offering professional Credit collection services with a high success rate that will ensure your organization gets regular cash flow.

We are One of the Best Agencies

Our state-of-the-art technology as well as our expert handling of the crucial financial issue, all of these make us one of the best commercial debt recovery agencies in Houston as well as Texas. We ensure you get the money back on time and in case the debtor doesn’t pay, we will take care of the documentation process so that you can file the litigation. Contact us at today!

To know more about the best collection agency in Houston, Contact us now and see how we can help you.