Tax Season

How Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC Gets Back All Unpaid Debts in Tax Season?

Are you worried about not getting back your unpaid dues? Is your company going through a tough financial situation? Do your customers not respond to your calls anymore? Don’t worry, the tax season is near. Debt collection agencies see a…

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credit collection services

What Is A Demand Letter And The Ways To Use It?

If you are confused about what a demand letter is, we are here to help. We often face situations where our clients know little to nothing about a demand letter. Oftentimes they hire an attorney to send a demand letter…

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Debt Collection Services

How Can Nonprofits use Debt Collection Services?

We have all heard about circumstances in which profit companies used debt collection services to retrieve the unpaid dues from their customers. In some ways, the fact remains true that profit companies use these services the most. However, it is…

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Top 3 Payment Plan Dos for Your Business

When we take up the job of debt collection, we often feel that the debtor also needs to know about a lot of things too when they are coming up with a payment plan. But unfortunately, often due to the…

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debt collection agency

Top 4 Tools Used By Collection Agency To Get Back the Debt

Those days are long gone when people used to just call or send an email to get the money back. Debt collection has come a long way. Now, in the digital world, debt collection has become one of the most…

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