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commercial collection agency -Guide-for Minimizing-and Avoiding-Unpaid Invoices

An Effective Guide for Minimizing and Avoiding Unpaid Invoices

Stop unpaid invoices from draining your business! Our guide reveals proven strategies to minimize risk & maximize cash flow.

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4 Important FAQs About Commercial Collections

Before you choose a collection process, take a sneak peek into the company affairs, your industry, and the customer organizations. It will help you follow the best practices to ensure that you are on the right path. Whether you are…

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credit collection services

What Is A Demand Letter And The Ways To Use It?

If you are confused about what a demand letter is, we are here to help. We often face situations where our clients know little to nothing about a demand letter. Oftentimes they hire an attorney to send a demand letter…

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Debt Collection Service

3 Third Party Collection Technologies that Boost Productivity

In the new normal world, when it has become imperative for businesses to strengthen their finances, the importance of third party collection agencies has increased. Agencies like Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC have become the most competent associates for businesses…

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Long-Term Payment Plan

Why Accepting Discounts and Long-Term Payment Plan are Good Ideas for You?

You offer products and services to B2B clients. You maintain good business relations. You ensure that your associates are on good terms with you. And while doing so, you are offering services and products in credit. Now, the problem with…

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