Why Tax Season is Ideal for Recovering Unpaid Debts?

credit collection services in Houston through tax return

Tax season isn’t associated with a pleasant experience for most small businesses. It’s a nightmare for accountants as they need to gather all the spreadsheets, make sure everything lines up, make budgetary changes, and work endless hours to hunt down every penny you owe to the government. So, it’s surprising when someone positions tax season as a boon. 

However, several factors make tax season the perfect time for collecting business debt. Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC is a credit services collection agency with extensive experience in recovering unpaid dues for our clients, and this time of the year we stay very busy for good reason. 

Here’s Why Tax Season is Your Unexpected Ally for Debt Collection:

1. Enhanced Financial Awareness

When businesses turn towards taxes, they also get a clear picture of their overall financial health. This heightened financial awareness may bring missed dues into light. It may have happened due to an accounting error or a software glitch. Either way, when you hire our credit collection services in Houston, we can find out all the dues you are owed and recover them swiftly for you. 

2. Tax Deductions

Be it small, medium, or large enterprises, everyone deals with unpaid dues and some of them must be written off as bad debts on the balance sheet. However, if the bad debt gets collected the next year, it counts as taxable income, creating an opportunity to offset your tax liabilities. Incentive enough to get the help of commercial credit collection services agencies, right?   

3. Maximize Tax Burden

Most businesses want to minimize their tax burdens. However, there are rare scenarios when an organization may be looking to maximize its tax burden. Maybe it’s for the incentives linked to a higher tax liability or for loss carry-forwards. Either way, suppliers, business partners or anyone who is in a similar position and were ignoring your calls may be more inclined to pay their dues during this time. That’s where we can help. If you have any queries about the debt collection process, you can always refer to this page.  

There you have it, three major reasons for heightened debt recovery during tax season. As one of the best collection agencies in Houston TX, our agents get especially busy during this period and witness a surge in seamless collections. So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and trust the experts at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC to collect unpaid debts by calling (800) 939-7213 or clicking here.