Creditor’s Statutory Demand

Things to Know about Creditor’s Statutory Demand

Clients often withhold the due payment of businesses for a long time. This has a huge impact on the stability of businesses, to the extent of making them bankrupt. However, this is unprofessional and unethical. With legal help, businesses can…

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Collection Agency

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Collection Agency?

Are you someone who has received a call from a commercial collection agency? Do you think that skipping or ignoring the calls will solve your problems? The answer is a loud NO! If the original creditors have hired third-party services…

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Affordable Debt Collection Services

Why Should You Choose Affordable Debt Collection Services By Nelson Cooper & Ortiz?

Are you on a tight budget and yet require the services of a good commercial collection agency urgently? Nelson Cooper & Ortiz is your best pick! With our years of experience and expertise at getting back the stuck debt of…

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Debt Recovery in 2022

Top Strategies Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC Will Use For Debt Recovery in 2022

Acting as a collection agency Houston dealing with everyday calls to debtors and keeping track of paying dues is not an easy task. But our team at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC works the best because of our everyday effort…

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credit collection services

3 New CFPB Debt Collection Rules for Credit Collection Agencies

Do you have debt in collections? We understand that it is a difficult time for you. Attending calls from any business collection agency is a taxing and frightening experience. The new CFPB’s Debt collection rules will solve all these worries. The CFPBs…

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