Proven Strategies for Mastering Effective Credit Collection in Difficult Times


It’s been several years since the pandemic. However, the economic situation hasn’t improved significantly. The world is going through uncertain times and rising fuel prices have helped extend the economic downturn. Collecting your debt during these sensitive times is nothing short of a challenge.

Most businesses struggle to collect their business debt during these times. That’s where credit collection services come in. As a reputable collection agency, Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC can rise to the occasion and help you collect business debt while sticking to strict ethical standards.

Tips from credit collection service agencies for maximizing credit recovery during a recession:

1. Be Flexible and Empathetic

During rough times, everyone is struggling to make their books go green. Unless the government provides financial assistance and tax concessions, everyone has their resources stretched thin. Understandably, your debtors may not have the resources to pay back their debt during this time. As a professional credit service collection agency, we recommend you be flexible and empathetic during these times.

Being flexible and empathetic doesn’t mean you need to write off the debt. Instead, provide better solutions to the problems. For instance, we offer our clients to pay in smaller installments more frequently. We also allow payment via other mediums, online or otherwise. Our robust payment infrastructure allows us to offer these features and that’s one of the reasons our clients choose to work with us.

2. Leverage Technology for An Information-driven Collection Process

Have you wondered how collection agencies manage to stay afloat or even thrive during these tough times? The secret lies in tech investments. As one of the best credit and debt collection agencies in Houston, TX, Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC invests heavily in state-of-the-art technology to stay ahead of the curve.

We use the latest technology to stay informed about our debtors. Our data-driven approach helps us to profile debtors and funnel them into different categories depending on their likelihood of paying back their debt. That helps us save essential resources and spend them optimally to recover the debt. As a trustworthy collection agency service provider, we also handle sensitive customer information with great care and adhere to all the privacy regulations.   

3. Make New Customers Fill out A Credit Application

If you deal with a lot of new customers daily, make them fill out a credit application that provides you with a lot of valuable information. Verify those details with credit bureaus and provide credit to clients with a good record of paying their debt on time.

When seeking out the ‘best collection agency near me for your credit woes, Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC always comes out as the top choice. Write to us today at with your requirements or click here – for a free rate quote.