Why Should You Hire Collection Agency Instead of Selling the Debts?

Hire Collection Agency

Unpaid debt can feel like an ulcer; dirty, painful, never-going and hurting pretty much a lot. If you have been dealing with an unpaid debt for a very long time, maybe years, then you are surely in a position where you just want to settle for it. After all, what is the point of focusing on something that is not yielding any result, right?

Well, wrong. At Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC, we convince our clients not to give up on debts. That will be the worst decision ever. Also, there is another temptation we want our clients to steer clear of. We ask our clients not to sell off their debts. Rather, have patience, and hire a commercial collection agency. Why? Take a look at the following points to know more.

They don’t Pay Much

Debt buyers have a reputation of paying in peanuts and rightfully so. Most of the time, debt buyers will only pay you less as their goal is to buy the debt at the cheapest price possible. So, if you are planning to sell off your debts that will incur a huge loss for your business. Once they buy the debts from you, they will recover the whole money and get benefitted. That is why you need to hire us, the best collection agency. We stand out from our other peers in the market for various reasons we have discussed before in another blog which you can read here.

commercial collection agency

They Still Can Hurt Your Reputation

Once the debt buyers have got the accounts, not it will become their prerogative to deal with the account the way they want. And that can hurt your reputation among your business associates. They can hound the debtor for the same accounts without disclosing the information that you have already sold the account and now the people hounding them are completely unconnected.

Once Sold, It is Gone

Maybe right now you are thinking that the debtor owes you $1000 which they are not paying. Hence, if you get $100 for the account, it will be still some money. But in the future, you will realize that this was never a beneficial option, especially if you get to know that the debtor has paid the full money while you settled only for $100.

So, don’t make a bad decision like this. Hire us or any commercial collection firm in your location, and have patience. For more details or a free consultation, dial (800)939-7213 now.