6 Most Anticipated Trends in Financial Industry That Will Affect Collection Agencies In 2022

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The previous years have witnessed the wake of more advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning automation, and extreme measures for data security. When comes to the financial industry, can be described as the most vulnerable target for many scamsters. Hence, the incorporation and integration of all the modern technology in the industry are now playing a vital role.

Keeping this trend in mind, we, at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz are also planning to offer you, our esteemed clients, the most updated service that will make the process of recovering the money much easier, smoother, faster, and safer. According to our experts who lead the team in our reputed collection service agency, two major trends will dominate the industry this year. Take a look.

  1. Small Agencies are Going to be Extinct
  2. There is a dire need of embracing the newest technology in the process of debt collection. However, generally, a small commercial collection agency often ignores this need of incorporating modern technology like AI and machine learning in the recovery process. As a result, this will make it difficult for such smaller firms to exist anymore. Since investing in this kind of advanced resource is quite expensive, most of the time, they will prefer to merge with bigger agencies so that they can work together as a team.

  3. Data Security
  4. To date, most of the time, any debt collection agency has not stressed the matter of data security. We, at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, the most reputed debt collection agency have made sure to keep your data safe. But this year, it is going to be one of the biggest primary concerns of us as well as of other agencies. We use and encourage the highly secure and sophisticated system for securing the data so that in any case, the data remain safe.

  5. Automated outreach
  6. Before technology became a part of debt recovery system, the collection agencies needed to reach out to customers manually. So, gone are the days of giving reminders for payments. The tasks have now become automated. The trend of automation is likely to continue further and more agencies are to follow suit and strengthen the outreach.

  7. Popularity of digital channels
  8. A rise of digital channel is in the cards and the collections services will depend on software and automation tools to boost the accounts receivables of businesses. The regulatory compliances surrounding the telephone calls are likely to preside, so the dependence on digital channels will grow further.

  9. Better handling of debt collection
  10. The implementation of the automation process will make the role of debt collectors more consolidated. Therefore, they need to be more adept with the prevailing circumstances and the surrounding situations and provide solutions that are more result-driven and realistic. Automation will also give the collectors adequate time to handle the complex debt issues. The availability of time may lead to personalized communication, better contact strategies, and boost the collection rates.

  11. Improve predictions with AI
  12. With the integration of AI in the debt revival process, the recovery predictions are going to be at an all-time high. The AI-based collection software may find better usage later this year.

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