AI and ML: The Smart Way To Collect Debts


Overdue invoices make running a business very difficult and that’s why entrepreneurs employ the help of debt collection agencies. However, you need to hire an agency that can use effective strategies to help recover your debt in time.

The best debt collection service in the business keeps up with new technology and leverages it skillfully to boost its efforts. Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC is one of them and helps with timely and effective debt recovery while being compliant with the regulations. Reach out to them if you are struggling with payment collection.

Here’s How the Leading Commercial Debt Collection Agencies Use AI And ML for Enhanced Success Rates:

●    Personalized Customer Experience

AI is great at behavioral science and can help you identify the best approaches for payment collection. Consumers don’t respond well to long and aggressive letters and don’t want to be bothered during working hours. With the help of AI and machine learning, our debt collection agency can detect patterns in customer behavior and create predictive models to enhance our success rates. For instance, we can figure out if the debtor is willing to make a payment by knowing their age, profession, income, and other demographic points.

●    Classify Debtors

Traditionally, debtors were classified into different income groups. However, machine learning can process all the customer’s data along with their interaction history to divide groups into specialized segments. A data-driven commercial collection agency can use those market segments to create borrower profiles and employ their agents with the right strategies for recovering the debt.   

●    Automated Communication

Communication is key during debt recovery and you need to keep all the channels open to solve customer queries and direct them to a quick resolution. However, you don’t want your agents to solve the simplest questions. Instead of wasting valuable resources and time, the best debt collection services streamline communication with AI chatbots.

Unlike regular chatbots that have generic responses and are unable to process complicated requests, AI-powered chatbots are highly flexible. They can answer complex questions, clear the doubts of customers, and seamlessly redirect the conversation to a human agent. This doesn’t just automate the communication but humanizes it as well and helps you deliver a better customer experience.

●    Maintain Compliance

Finances always come with heavy government scrutiny and the same holds for debt collection. We need to operate within the legal framework and the smallest mistakes may come back to ruin a successful collection and hurt profitability. Machine learning and AI algorithms can mitigate such risks with automated controls.  

A modern and tech-savvy collection agency is beneficial for both lenders and borrowers. Trust Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, a premier commercial debt collection agency based in Houston to recover your payments without ruining customer relationships. If you have overdue payments, dial (713) 360-6645 or write to for a free rate quote.