Decoding the Mystery: How Did a Debt Collector Dial My Digits?


Have you been contacted by debt collectors on the phone? However, you don’t remember giving them your phone number? There’s no need to panic.

Debt collection agencies are third parties who get hired by creditors to collect unpaid debt. For instance, if you haven’t paid past dues to your bank for a long time, the bank may hire the services of a debt collection agency. We comply with the rules and are a reputable collection agency who don’t use unethical methods to get your phone number. Here are some of the methods employed by debt collectors to fetch your digits.

●    Original Creditor

When you apply for credit from a Houston bank, lender, or any other creditor, you have to fill out a form and submit your details. If you have dues with the original creditor, they may hire collection agency services in Houston and pass on your contact information to them. Debt collectors always get access to information that’s available to your creditor.  

●    People You Know

When you fill in your credit application, you also fill out the names of living relatives, credit references, or even your employer. Your name and address on the credit application also allow online debt collection services to find out basic information about people close to you. They can reach out to your colleagues, friends, family members, spouse, and other people close to you to inquire about your phone number.

Most people who want to be helpful may give out your number and other information to the agency. However, these practices are limited by federal law. As one of the best debt collection agencies we abide by those regulations and make sure that the debt collection process doesn’t turn into harassment.   

●    Credit Report

Credit Bureaus collect all your information from the banks and update their records to assign you a credit score every month. Bureaus sell this information to certain entities for a fee and a debt collection agency is one of them. Collection agencies can also put you on a locate list with the credit bureau.

●    Voter Records And State DMV

Collection agencies also search through the voter registration list to get your information. Apart from that, creditors can also use the DMV database to check your information and verify your phone number and residential address. 

●    Internet Search

You use the internet regularly and leave your traces all over it. So, if you have been part of a big event for your church that has been published on the church blog, your information might show up. If you haven’t tweaked the privacy settings for your social media accounts, your information can be easily accessed by anyone, including debt and credit collection agencies with minimal effort. If debt collectors use unethical methods and use an aggressive approach to collect your debt, they can ruin your business relationship with customers. When you search for debt collection services near me, choose an agency that understands you and your customers. At Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, we value your customers as much as you do and use a technology-driven approach with seasoned debtors to collect unpaid debts. Dial 713 360-6645 to know more or click here to request a quote.