Debt Collection Services: 5 Rules That a Debt Collection Agency Must Follow

Debt Collection Agency Must Follow

When you fail to pay back your creditor beyond the due date, you start to collect a debt. When you have debt in collection, the business to which you owe the amount chooses a third party to help them to get their money back. The third-party or an agency helps in business debt collection by contacting you. Unfortunately, when you receive a notice of debt in collection, you get scared and intimidated. However, the collection agency must comply with rules when collecting the debt amount on behalf of their clients. Among the certified business debt collection agencies, is Nelson Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, where we comply with the legalities when dealing with the past dues. We might send a notice to the debtor and contact them via phone or email for a constant reminder. If you are in the same soup, here is what to keep in mind before you pay the collection agency. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), there are certain aspects that you need to look for before paying back. Otherwise, you might fall prey to the trap of scammers.

  • No withholding information

    A debt collector from the best commercial debt collection agency should give you detailed information about your debt without withholding any information.

  • No pressurizing for money

    A debt collector would never ask you to transfer money immediately nor will ask you for a prepaid card payment. Avoid answering such requests or demands. Complain to authorities if the pestering continues.

  • No Threats

    Debt collectors never resort to threats to collect the debt from you. In case you feel bullied by them or threatened, you must immediately report them. They are strictly prohibited by law to perform any such activities.

  • No impertinent query

    The questions that the debt collectors ask you should and must be pertinent to the money you owe to the original creditor. They should not ask you too many personal questions. Harassment of any form is prohibited by state laws.

  • Fixed Timing

    Collectors aren’t supposed to take you for granted. Since it is an official call and record, there is a fixed time when they can call you. Anyone calling at an unearthly hour should and must be avoided.

In case you see the collection agency not following the above-mentioned norms; you need to be aware. There are chances that you are being scammed. Try searching for the best commercial collection agency to avoid unpleasant situations and must not rush to pay money.

Negotiating the debt or calling the debtor on your own can be intimidating. You must have experts like us at Nelson Cooper & Ortiz to do it for you. We, at Nelson Cooper & Ortiz work with attorneys and help businesses come out of their debt situation. Call us at (713) 360-6645, if you are finding it hard to handle past overdue accounts.

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