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Get Your Debts Back During Holiday Season with Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC

When you are planning to recover the amount that your debtors are not paying at the right time, it is a tricky situation for you. And when it is holiday season and you are trying to recover the money, it…

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Debt Collection

Create an urgency of Debt Collection with these 3 Steps

Prevention is always better than thinking about the measures afterwards. We, at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC., believe in this saying. And that is why we insist that you, as a creditor also make sure that your debtors or your…

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3 Reasons Why Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz Stands Out from Other Collection Agencies in Houston

Being in the business for decades have made us, Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC, a renowned name in business collection. Catering to various industries and different clients has made us able of dealing with any challenge that comes with the…

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3 Qualities that Make Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz a Trustworthy Name in Debt Collection

With time Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz has become a trustworthy name in credit collection in Houston. For various companies as well as for different financial institutes, they have worked for years and have earned enough credibility in the city as…

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3 Factors Make Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz a Trusted Name in the Industry

If you are in Houston and running a business for some time, then you must have surely faced the problem of unpaid invoices. And if you have then the time must have come when you have searched for the agencies…

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