Top Strategies Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC Will Use For Debt Recovery in 2022

Debt Recovery in 2022

Acting as a collection agency Houston dealing with everyday calls to debtors and keeping track of paying dues is not an easy task. But our team at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC works the best because of our everyday effort to apply new strategies that retrieve all your stuck dues in innovative ways.

We employ a specialized working process that is custom designed for every client. Since your debts are different, our style of bringing them back to you is also different and highly effective. Our custom approach of collection agency services fixes unique commercial debt recovery issues related to different industries. To maintain our high standards of debt collection, our team makes everyday strategies against market standard benchmarks. 2022 is a new beginning with some of the old clients and some new ones. Know more about our quotes at

Want to know more about our collection agency Houston Tx unique strategies? Read on!

What are Our Best Strategies to Collect Debt in 2022?

Client-Orientated Services

Unlike other debt recovery companies, our commercial collection agency will be focused entirely on clients. We have planned many ways through which the payment process of your old clients will be made easy. Other than the usual yearly or quarterly payment plans, our new plans will ensure that your clients start paying the debt faster than ever before! Through our experience, we have known that debtors are likely to pay back their impending dues faster when the payment plan suits them.

Our team is also working to create self-service portals too for online payments, automate phone calls, etc. which will make debt collection easier smoother for your debtors.

Up-to-Date Communication

Communication channels are constantly evolving and when you choose us as your best collection agency Houston, there’s no more reason for you to be worried about your past debts. Our experts keep an eye on the constantly changing communication methods to contact and set meetings with debtors. We will automate all our communication channels for your debtors to make easy and quick payments, set timings for us to contact them, etc. Our team has left behind the older phone calling, faxing methods to give way to newer technology that enables smoother and easier communication. We will also maintain new CFPBs rule for a legal and formal communication process.

Centralized Debt Recovery Services

We have included a unified centralized debt recovery system through which our expert team members can handle workflow, client-related service, and make all other factors related to decision making easier. The introduction of a centralized system has enabled us to engage easily with difficult debtors too. Your old clients will not be lost because all our team members have complete and unified access to all records.

With Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC all your debt recovery problems will get solved easily. Our new strategies will retain all your old customers and increase cash flow at the same time. For more information contact today!

New CFPB Debt Collection Rules for Commercial Collection Agencies