Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions about Debt Collection

Debt Collections

Debt collection agencies have increased in number over the years. As a part of our responsibility, we are desperate in collecting the debt. This has caused several delusions among people regarding what they can or cannot do. Myths regarding borrowers’ course of action are also quite common. Below are five misconceptions about debt collection services and the reality behind them.

Smaller debts can be avoided

One of the most common mistakes perceived by businesses is when they think agencies are not concerned about collecting smaller debts. On the contrary, some agencies have expertise in collecting small debts. This is because, over time, the accumulation of small debts leads to large figures. It completely depends upon the company you owe money to, and whether or not they will be hiring debt collection agencies.

If collectors can be avoided long enough, they will stop

We won’t! This will only make the situation worse. You should never ignore calls from debt collectors. Discuss the situation with us and we might have installment options for repayment. At Nelson Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, we are one of the best collection agencies with extensive experience. To get proper guidance, click on

Debt collection will not affect your credit score if you decide to repay it

If a debt at all moves into a collection, it has already left a viable bad influence on your credit score. On top of that, refusing to cooperate with a debt collector will only lead to more damage. The best advice is to timely pay your bills and avoid a disputable situation. Nevertheless, if a debt collector contacts you, never avoid it. Discuss the matter and cooperate.

Debt collection agencies cost a fortune

Most agencies will only charge you money if they are successful in collecting the debt. If they fail, you do not have to pay them. Other agencies charge a fixed fee. Firms that offer debt recovery services have professionals who collect debts for the clients and in exchange earn profits.

Organizations that hire collectors lose business

This is untrue except when collectors use illegal strategies to collect the debt. If threats, goons, etc are used, then that is highly unprofessional and can affect your business.

These five misconceptions will help you understand the procedure of debt collection agencies. For further queries, contact us at (713) 360-6645 and we will provide you detailed information regarding our services and strategies.


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