What will happen if you don’t respond to Debt Collectors?

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When a business comes to us for debt recovery services, the first thing that we have to do is start the initiation process and inform the creditor company that the operation has begun. But a common phenomenon is that the debtors will not respond to us.

Yes, at Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz LLC, we have faced this situation more than once. We try to make the debtors understand that we are working for not only the creditors but for the debtors’ benefits too. However, for many debtors, it is not enough reliable information and they choose to ignore our calls and emails. So, here we are telling you what happens when you as a debtor do not respond to our initiations.

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Documentation and Reporting

Just like any other reputed commercial collection agency, we document every step during the collection procedure. Hence, when you as the debtor are not responding, it will be documented too. If many efforts remain unanswered, then we report to the credit collection bureau. This substantially affects your credit report and diminishes your future eligibility for any loan.

Skip Tracing

Next, we try to find out if your address and contacts are still the same. If the debtor changes address or leave the city or even state, we have the option of using the skip tracing technique and find out the debtor and get the money back from them. As we have access to public records, it is easier for us to do so while remaining compliant with all state and federal regulations as a trusted one among other debt collection agencies.

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Filing Litigation

If we see that the debt amount is big and the debtor is not responding at all, then we suggest our clients, the creditors, to move to the court and file litigation. We aid them by providing complete documentation which also has records which show that the debtor never responded.

So, if you are getting calls from us, the popular collection agency Houston TX, then respond to it as it will be in your favor. For more details, dial (800) 939-7213.