What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Collection Agency?

Collection Agency

Are you someone who has received a call from a commercial collection agency? Do you think that skipping or ignoring the calls will solve your problems? The answer is a loud NO! If the original creditors have hired third-party services to pursue money from you, no way ignoring or skipping their calls will solve your problems. These agents are experienced in handling different types of clients and pretending that they don’t exist will not change the fact that you OWE money!

You might be under the belief that the repercussions of not paying for such service are small and insignificant but that’s not true too. Reputed debt recovery services agencies have lawyers on their side who will take strict legal action when you fail to maintain protocol. We have summarized all the possible consequences of not paying a collection agent on time.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a Collection Agency?

Probable Lawsuits

Let’s start with the worst- lawsuits. Companies offering debt recovery services have professional lawyers on their behalf who are ready to draft a legal notice against you if payments are not made on time. The court will pass its judgment in their favor since you really owed the money to the original creditor. So, instead of saving money by not paying or ignoring collection agents, you will have to spend a lot more on courts and lawyers. Avoid the trouble by just meeting or corresponding with the agents. Unlike the big bad figure that you have in mind, they are extremely professional. Plan out a good payment system with complete assistance for debt collection and live a court-free life!

Rates of Interest Might Become Unfavorable

If you do not pay Houston commercial collection agency on time, believe us when we say that taking loans or making ‘later’ payments for other commodities or services will be difficult. You might want to make purchases based on your credit card. But once the owner checks the credit score, there is a chance that will sell you the product at a higher rate of interest. Having an impending debt makes you an unreliable customer. So they won’t be willing to give you any product without charging a higher rate of interest for security reasons. You can skip all these troubles by just paying and contacting the debt recovery services Houston.

You don’t have to be afraid or skeptical about agents because your original creditor has researched collections agency near me, before hiring them. We at Nelson Cooper & Ortiz have great payment plans and options for all debtors so that paying us is not a hassle. Visit our website or click here to know more about our services and quotes.


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