Licensed vs Unlicensed Debt Collection Agency: Things You Must Know Before Hiring

For an average business, an uncollected invoice may mean huge losses. Naturally, the business needs to generate excess sales to make up for the losses in revenue. If your business relies on a consistent flow of cash like most other businesses of today, not getting the payments on time may sound as one of the major problems. With every penny counting during a grim economic situation. Every business needs to resort to an expert.

The best option would be to hire an expert for business debt collection to ensure that the past dues are paid more frequently and without much delay. Unfortunately, the odds may go against your situation if you hire an unlicensed collection agency. When hiring an agency for collecting debts, you need a fully-licensed company like Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC if you want the payments to come on time. We are one of the most sought-after companies licensed for collecting business debts in the USA and comply with the state, federal, and international conventions to help our clients recover their debts.

Reasons to hire a licensed collection agency

When you are seeking debt collection services near me, do your research carefully just like you do for other services. Here is why you need a licensed debt collector.

  • Several legal requirements ensure that debt collection complies with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and we do exactly that. Putting the practices in place is daunting for many and keeps away the debtors from paying their dues.
  • A debt collection agency does more than just pursue outstanding invoices. That is why we review the business contracts of our clients and take the necessary steps to ensure that your business has fewer debtors in the future. This is in addition to collecting debts for our clients when their businesses fail to remit payments on time.
  • We are a professional credit collection agency with an established practice. Our experience in commercial collection ensures improvement in your operating expenses. No wonder the likelihood of recovering debts is higher when you work with us.
  • Our firm has experts with knowledge of negotiating with clients for proper settlements.
  • The experts at our end offer you personalized services and work on your case right from scratch, making us one of the most reputed Texas-based firms with high success rates in collecting the money that your clients owe.

Only licensed debt recovery services Houston can collect debts as operating without it is a felony in many states. Not hiring a licensed agency may lead to unwanted lawsuits filed by the consumer or the state. Moreover, not having a license does not make debt collection agencies as aggressive as they need to be when collecting your accounts. That is why you need to rely on Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC if you need to collect the outstanding debts of your business quickly. Visit here or call (713) 360-6645 or Toll-Free at (800) 939-7213 to talk to us.