How to Maintain Positive Customer Relationships While Recovering Commercial Debt?

How to Recover Debt Without Losing Customers

Commercial debt recovery is often the most daunting task of all, and that is why businesses abstain from pursuing client debts. One of the major reasons behind such a feeling is the fear of hurting client relationships. On second thoughts you might just wonder if it is possible to maintain customer relationships while pursuing the recovery of debts.

Well, you need to search for professional debt recovery services to avoid damaging customer relationships. Wondering who it could be in Houston? Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC is one of the best-known service providers in handling the recovery of business debts successfully over the years. Trust us to streamline the cash flow in your business and continue doing business with the same clients with ease.

Here is how we handle your customers with care while offering debt collection services:

1. Setting the expectations right

As one of the best collection agency services, we recommend setting the right expectations so that both parties are aware of what they need to agree to during debt payment. We will communicate the payment policy to our client’s customers upfront. But before starting the conversations, we will check the past payment history of the customers to know how lenient the process should be or how watertight our conversations should be from the beginning. It is not only about encouraging customers for paying on time but also checking the work processes of our clients to ensure that both parties are complying with the terms of the trade.

2. Get your facts right

It is easier to get your facts right and prepare before you speak to the debtors, and that is exactly what we also believe when it comes to commercial debt collection. Not knowing the facts is one of the biggest mistakes that may ruin customer relationships. The other concerns we try to address are whether our experts have spoken to this customer before, the way they respond to interactions for debt payments, or if they are regular defaulters. Once we get our hands in the depth of the situation, we find ourselves in a better position to communicate the exact situation and apply a bit more pressure to release the payments toward the invoices. Our approaches to debt recovery make us an expert to handle commercial debts for our clients with ease.

3. Getting authoritative professionally

There is no denying the fact that debt collection requires you to be authoritative. Having said that, your authoritativeness need not lose the professional touch. We are a collection agency for small businesses for many years and all that we believe in is controlling the voice tone during those pesky debt collection calls. Even when we go to meet the customer in person, we begin the conversation with a pleasant voice at first. At the same time, we tend to start without losing control when asking the customers to pay mandatorily.

At Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC, we follow legal procedures during debt recovery and abstain from unlawful practices when collecting debts. Maintaining a level of authority in difficult debt handling situations while still staying professional is what makes us successful in collecting debts for our clients. Visit to fill out the form or email us at to let us know your debt situation.

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