How Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC Gets Back All Unpaid Debts in Tax Season?

Tax Season

Are you worried about not getting back your unpaid dues? Is your company going through a tough financial situation? Do your customers not respond to your calls anymore? Don’t worry, the tax season is near. Debt collection agencies see a lot of debtors paying back their dues during this season. According to the survey made by National Retail Federation, 34% of debtors paid back the debts they owed, through their tax refunds. As an efficient commercial collection agency, we at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz, LLC take advantage of this season. We have invested in tools and state-of-the-art technology to get back all that your customers owe you. Our experienced experts strategize many plans to make sure that you, the original creditor benefit from this season.

Here, are the unique strategies our team applies for the debt repayment season-

Flexibility in Payment Options

We understand why your customers do not pay their debts on time. They remain unsure of payment plans and get scared of paying a huge sum, at a time. They won’t face any such trouble with our business debt collection methods. Our team will provide flexible payment options while negotiating with your clients. Since your customers are likely to pay the dues back in this season, they are sure to grab our payment options.

Providing flexible payment plans makes every customer comfortable. They do not think of debt collection agencies as ‘sharks’. But as those, who are concerned about their financial well-being. Our main motto is retaining your old clients and collecting accounts receivable.

All Time Accessibility

Traditional collection agencies keep on calling customers and reach a dead end. Our way of working is different. We conduct meetings with your customers, reach them online, keep them notified about all proceedings. Also, they can call us anytime they want to. Understandably, they must have a lot of questions. We take care of each one of their queries, 24*7.

Creating an Impact

It is not wrong to say that even the most compelling payment options and strategies fail. This is when the customer prioritizes other debts. With us, it won’t be an option. Our experience and expertise make us a well-known and reputable collection agency Houston Tx. Your customers will recognize our brand and will be more willing to engage with us. This way, your debts will get paid off sooner.

Still, thinking? It is time to act now! Contact our team at (713) 360-6645 or drop a mail at We will take care that all your debts get cleared and your business runs smoothly. With us, your worries take a backseat. Click on to know about our rates!