How Does a Collection Agency Work to Recover the Debt?

debt collection service

Hiring the best collection agency in your town in case you are not getting money back from your debtors has become the norm. But even so, there is still vagueness in the mind of the business owners who still are not completely aware of how we operate. So, before you consider hiring an agency for getting back your money, you need to know about us.

So, from the experts at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC, we are telling you how we operate. And that hopefully will give you a clear idea about the help you can get from us too. So, take a look at the following points to know more about how a collection agency will work.

We Initiate Contact

Generally, after 60 days or so, when the reluctant debtor has failed to pay the debt by the stipulated time, business owners connect with us to recover the debt. We start the process by initiating the formal contact. We connect with the debtor by phone or email stating on whose behalf we are working and what the amount of the debt is. In case, the debtor is untraceable, we use the skip-tracing method to reach them and initiate the payment.

We Manage Settlements

At times the debtor might be in serious trouble which prevents them to pay you the debt. It can be an accident, sudden death, employee unrest in the company, huge financial loss, arson, or break in partnership. In any case, the debtor might have a genuine reason for not paying debts. In this situation, we offer terms of settlements as a part of our debt collection service. This way, the debtor can pay the money in installments.

We help in litigation

When the debtor doesn’t pay you in any way, filing litigation becomes the last option for you. In this case, we help you with complete documentation of the recovery process and all the necessary details. We can also connect you with reputed lawyers too.

So, if you are wondering how agencies of credit collection services work, this should clear your doubts. For hiring us to recover your debt, call at (800)939 7213 or visit