3 FAQs for Getting a Summon from a Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency

Running a business can be quite tricky thing for any entrepreneur. It is difficult especially for those companies that are new and mostly unaware of how to deal with business debts and credit collection services.

That is why at Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz LLC we understand how to help such businesses. Often, even after getting the first few calls or emails, some companies ignore to respond. In a situation like this, the case can go to court and the debtor company can get a summons from us for debt collection. If you are a debtor company being summoned by us or any other collection agency, then you need to know about the following frequently asked questions. Take a look.

Summon from Court

How can You Find Out If You Have a Summon from Court?

Given the nature of civil lawsuits and smaller claims, most of the time, summons are delivered by a court representative or the local sheriff to the debtor company. So, don’t worry. You will get summon to your office. If you are suspecting that there might be one, then connect with the court or you can search online. At times, some debt collection agencies can try to connect you too.

What if a Debtor Company is Summoned and They Don’t Go?

If a debtor company has been summoned, then it is already a serious incident. Hence, they should not miss going to court. If they don’t arrive at the court, they will miss their chance to contest the case altogether. However, if the company cannot come on that specific date, they should immediately connect with the court with a request for rescheduling.

Debtor Company is Summoned

How Often Does a Debt Collection Agency Sue a Business?

This depends on various factors. On one hand, if the debt is a huge amount and the debtor is reluctant to even come to a settlement for it, then litigation will be filed against the debtor. If the debtor remains unreachable, then they can be sued. The main point is a debtor must pay the full debt.

So, if you are getting summoned by an agency of business debt collection, go to court. If you need assistance from us, at Nelson, Cooper and Ortiz LLC, then give us a call at (800) 939-7213.