What Types of Consumer Friendly Payment Options You Can Introduce?

Consumer Friendly Payment Options

Dealing with the consumers while ensuring that all your invoices are paid can be tricky at times. When you are in a situation like this and planning to get more payments from the consumers or the debtors especially when you are again opening the doors of your business after the pandemic, cannot be really easy. You will have to go the extra mile to ensure you keep the business association unchanged while getting back the money. Right now, you can’t lose any of these. And that is why we, Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC, are bringing you some ideas that will help you create consumer friendly payment options.

What are Consumer Friendly Payment Options Necessary?

Just like you, your consumers have suffered from the blow of the pandemic. While they have dealt with the financial stress, they might have lost a part of their workforce or worse, people from management due to the pandemic. In a situation like this, they will need a boost so that they get benefitted by paying you too. Hence, you will have to introduce consumer friendly payment options just as we or any reputed debt collection agency will suggest.

Now, let’s look at the suggestion we have for you

Early payments

Early Bird

The debtor company might want to hold on to their funds for some more time to ensure they don’t run into some loss right now. But you can leverage this in your direction. All you need to do is introduce some early bird benefits. Early payments can get them huge discounts later on or they can get to place the next order without advance. Offers like this will help them give your money back faster.

Multiple Payment Option

We can’t stress enough on this. When you hire an agency offering credit collection services, it becomes helpful if you have multiple payment options. Once we get a debtor pay you the money back, many options like mobile payment, wallet payment, PayPal payment and so on will ensure that you are getting the money anyway possible. If you are following traditional check payment option, then you are running a risk of missing payment anyway.


Be ready for settlements. If your debtor is a genuine situation of cash crunch, they will not be able to pay you back. But if you settle for shorted multiple installments, they might pay you. So, this increases your chances to get the money back. When you hire us for the recovery due to different situation, this option can be helpful.

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