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Licensed vs Unlicensed Debt Collection Agency: Things You Must Know Before Hiring

For an average business, an uncollected invoice may mean huge losses. Naturally, the business needs to generate excess sales to make up for the losses in revenue. If your business relies on a consistent flow of cash like most other…

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3 Reasons to Choose Effective Business Debt Collection Practices

Among the elements that a business needs to survive, a stable cash flow is what you need. Your business may never grow steadily if your revenue stays half-filled. If you are wondering what contributes to a healthy financial condition of…

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Debt Collector to Resolve Your Financial Bottlenecks

Is It Worth Paying A Debt Collector to Resolve Your Financial Bottlenecks?

Every business needs to watch the cash flow at regular intervals, although the process can be quite hectic. Almost one in every three businessmen encounters overdue accounts, which may harm the business. To avoid the risk of losing track of…

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Debt Collections

Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions about Debt Collection

Debt collection agencies have increased in number over the years. As a part of our responsibility, we are desperate in collecting the debt. This has caused several delusions among people regarding what they can or cannot do. Myths regarding borrowers’…

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Debt Recovery in 2022

Top Strategies Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC Will Use For Debt Recovery in 2022

Acting as a collection agency Houston dealing with everyday calls to debtors and keeping track of paying dues is not an easy task. But our team at Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC works the best because of our everyday effort…

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